Gladstone Park Hotel Menus

Bistro Menu[+]
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please see our friendly staff for terms & conditions.


Bruschetta   12.5 (V)

Toasted sourdough w/ tomato, red onion, Grana Padano & a balsamic glaze

Rosemary & Thyme Baguette   7.5

w/ grilled cheese   8.5

Garlic Bread   7.0

w/ grilled cheese   8.0

Warm Dinner Roll   1.0 or 3 for 2.5


Starters Tasting Plate   23.9

A sample plate w/ charred corn cob w/ chipotle mayonnaise; beef & bean slider; pumpkin fritters; chorizo & warm olives

Braised Beef & Bean Sliders (2)   14.0

Topped w/ salsa & iceberg lettuce

Oven Baked Nachos   13.9 (GF) (V)

Topped w/ cheese, salsa, guacamole & sour cream
Add braised chilli beef & beans   3.5

Sticky Pork Spare Ribs   12.5

w/ jasmine rice & bok choy

Grilled Spanish Chorizo & Warm Olives   12.0

w/ toasted sourdough

Pumpkin, Sage & Parmesan Fritters   11.5 (V)

w/ a caramelised onion crème fraîche

Seasoned Wedges   10.5 (V)

w/ sweet chilli & sour cream

Charred Corn w/ Pepita Spice rub   9.5 (V)(GF)

w/ chipotle mayonnaise

Soup   7.9

from the hot pot w/ a warm dinner roll
please see specials board for today’s soup


Veal Parmigiana   27.0

Veal Schnitzel topped w/ Napoli, ham & grilled cheese

"Fresh Catch" of the Day   26.9

Lightly seasoned then finished on the grill. *Please see specials board for today's catch

Salt & Lemon Pepper Squid & Prawns   E 18.0 M 25.9

Tiger prawns & squid lightly dusted & flash fried, accompanied w/ lemon aioli

Veal Schnitzel   25.5

Hand crumbed tender bobby veal served w/ lemon

Chicken Parmagiana   24.0 (GF)

Hand-cut chicken fillet w/ Napoli, Virginia ham & grilled cheese

Japanese Crumbed Calamari   E 16.9 M 23.9

w/ black sesame seeds, lemon, herbs & tartare

Cider Battered Fish   E 16.9 M 23.5

w/ lemon & our own tartare

Chicken Breast Schnitzel   22.9 (GF)

Crumbed in-house & served w/ fresh lemon

Traditional Roast   22.5 (GF)

w/ herb roasted vegetables gravy and condiments. * Please see specials board for todays selection

*the above main meals are served with your choice of chips & salad or roasted chats & vegetables or mash & veg*

Deep Blue Seafood Platter   for One $28.0 for two $50

Tempura battered flathead & scallops; salt & pepper prawns & squid & crumbed calamari accompanied by chips, salad, tartare & lemon

Open Beef Burger w/ Bacon Jam   20.5

Beef pattie on toasted sourdough w/ cos lettuce, tomato, cheese & egg, crowned w/ battered onion rings & served w/ a side of seasoned chips

Tandoori Chicken Stack   19.9

Grilled & served on a potato rosti w/ salad cress, bacon, semi dried tomato & a dollop of cucumber yoghurt


Seared Beef, Beetroot & Fetta Salad   17.9

Tossed w/ red quinoa, roasted pumpkin, spinach & walnuts, finished w/ a balsamic glaze


Cos lettuce, bacon crisps, croutons & Grana Padano tossed w/ our own traditional dressing, topped w/ a poached egg & anchovies
Add Seasoned Chicken   5.0

Chilled Prawn & Calamari Salad   18.9 (GF)

Marinated tiger prawns & calamari tossed through cherry tomatoes, red onion, carrot & salad greens w/ a cucumber & mango salsa

Thai Chicken & Rice Noodle Salad   17.0

Marinated chicken tenders w/ thick noodles, snow peas, salad greens, torn coriander & roasted peanuts tossed in a Nam Jim dressing

CHILDREN   10.5 (inc. drink) 12.5 (inc. ice-cream)

under 13 years old

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Chicken Schnitzel or Parmagiana w/ chips
Fish & Chips
Chicken Fillet Strips grilled or battered w/ chips
Sausage & Mash w/ green peas & gravy
Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry w/ hokkien noodles


Flash Fried Chips w/ garlic aioli   7.0
Wok Tossed Seasonal Vegetables in herb butter   6.5 (V)
Garden Salad   6 (GF)
Potato Mash   6 (GF)
Cider Battered Onion Rings   6 (GF)


‘Drunken’ Seafood Noodles   24.5

Fresh rice sheet noodles wok tossed w/ Tiger prawns, squid & Ling fish w/ a pour of vodka & Asian vegetables, finished w/ Singapore sauce

Sesame Beef & Cashews   22.0

Tender beef strips wok tossed w/ a selection of vegetables, finished w/ roasted cashews & our own Singapore sauce

Chicken & Vegetable   21.0

Wok tossed chicken breast w/ crisp vegetables in an Oriental sauce

Vegetable   19.0 (V)

Bok choy & seasonal vegetables finished in a dark soy, chilli & ginger sauce


Your choice of penne, fettuccine or spaghetti

Seafood Marinara  24.0

Combination of prawns, mussels, squid & white fish in a rich Napoli sauce w/ basil, finished w/ lemon & Grana Padano

Chicken, Mushroom & Avocado  22.0

Pan seared chicken, button mushrooms & avocado pieces finished w/ a creamy white wine sauce & shaved parmesan

Carbonara   19.0

Bacon, egg & garlic tossed in a white wine & cream sauce

Beef Bolognaise   17.0

A traditional meat sauce

Asian Duck & Shitake Mushroom   24.5

w/ snow peas, Arborio rice & bok choy, cooked in a duck stock & finished w/ our own Oriental sauce

Roast Vegetable & Basil Pesto   19.0 (V)(GF)

Seasonal vegetables pan cooked w/ pine nuts & basil pesto, finished w/ a tomato sauce & shaved parmesan


Please refer to our Signature Series Steak page at the front of our menu for more selections

‘250g’ Eye Fillet   34.5 (GF)

Raised on natural grasses from pristine Victorian farming properties

300g 'Great Southern' Scotch   30.0 (GF)

Grass fed & MSA graded for quality w/ a marble score 2+

330g 'Highland' Porterhouse   29.5 (GF)

British bred cattle sourced from the Riverina region & aged to perfection

Steak Toppers  

Creamy Garlic Prawns   7.5, Battered Onion Rings   3, Egg   1


Steaks served with your choice of mushroom sauce, green peppercorn sauce, gravy or garlic butter; chips & salad or roasted chat potatoes & vegetables. Please allow extra time for steaks cooked past medium.

Stockman’s Grill   28.5

Scotch minute steak, sticky pork belly rib, blackened chicken tenders, Londrigan sausage, bacon, chips, onion rings & gravy, topped w/ a fried egg


Dessert Sampler (to share)   20.0

A taste of 3 of our favourites: brandy snap cones; house made cheesecake, & citrus raspberry mess

Sticky Date Pudding   9.9

Made in-house by our Chefs & served warm w/ butterscotch sauce, ice cream & cream

Flourless Chocolate Pudding w/Raspberry Mousse   9.5 (GF)

w/ pistachio crumble & double cream

Black Forest Mess   8.9

w/ meringue drops, double cream & black cherries cooked w/ cherry liqueur, topped w/ chocolate sauce

Ice Cream Sundae   8.9

w/ your choice of berry, butterscotch or chocolate fudge sauce, topped w/ cream & a nut crumble

Housemade Cheesecake   7.5

*Please see our friendly staff for today's selection

Lunch Menu[+]
ADD Soup or Cheesecake for only 5.0

when ordering a lunch main

Steak Sandwich   16.95

w/ bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese & chips

Battered Flathead Tails   14.95

w/ chips & salad

Crumbed Calamari   14.95

w/ chips & salad

Spaghetti Bolognaise   14.95

w/ garlic bread

Bangers, Mash, Peas & Gravy   14.95

Crowned w/ battered onion rings

Spanish Chorizo & Tomato Penne   14.95

Pan tossed in olive oil w/ mushroom & spinach, topped w/ parmesan

Thai Chicken & Rice Noodle Salad   14.95

Marinated chicken tenders w/ thick noodles, carrot, snow peas,salad greens, torn coriander & roasted peanuts tossed in Nam Jim dressing

Beef & Cheese Burger   14.95

On toasted sourdough w/ cheese, lettuce, bacon & tomato relish w/ seasoned chips